Discount Dokha Days

Discount Dokha Days is Currently: Concluded

What Is Discount Dokha Days?

Discount Dokha Days(DDD), Previously 'Double Dokha Days' is a special time of year, usually several times a year, where all dokha on goes on sale for 50% off of its original price. This means that every dokha flavor from every brand we sell is half as expensive as normal!

How do Discount Dokha Days Work?

In the past, you had to write us a note with which flavors you wanted, but thanks to the FDA, we can no longer do the BUY ONE GET ONE FREE SALE. Thus Discount Dokha Days was born. Instead of you purchasing one bottle at full price and receiving another bottle for free, we simply discounted all of the dokha on the website by 50%. So you are now in full control of what flavors you want and how much money you save!

How is this different than Double Dokha Days?

There is no real difference, just a slight change of the name. Instead of telling us which flavors you want, you simply purchase all the flavors you would like for 50% off, Now that we think about it... Kinda makes it easier for everyone.