Double Dokha Days is Currently:   is Not ongoing. 



What Is Double Dokha Days?

'Double Dokha Days' is a special time of year, usually several times a year, where all dokha on is buy one get one of the same size free. You can mix and match and select any flavor for your free bottle(s) in your order comments, otherwise if you don't, we will simply double the dokha in your order!

For example, if you order one Medium Bottle of Lightning Dokha, you will get one free. You can also write in your order comments, that you would like a bottle of Schnozberries for your Double Dokha, and we will send that to you instead! You are free to choose any blends you like for your doubled dokha, they will be provided in the same size as what you ordered, if you order multiple sizes in one order, please specify which extra flavors you would like in which size.

During Double Dokha Days, we use order comments to know what you are wanting as your extra bottle.  If you do not put your selection in the order comments we cannot guarantee that your desired blend will be included.  You can email in and we will do our best to accommodate you. If you do not make a note in your order comments about what double dokha you want, your order will simply be doubled and shipped.

Includes all shisha and shisha booster. PIPES, ACCESSORIES, FILTERS, ETC are NOT included in Double Dokha Days sales. ONLY DOKHA is doubled.