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Abu Hamza Warm
$ 7.49
Another quality blend from a famous UAE vendor, only available here at Interesting light spice top notes in an otherwise very traditional tasting dokha.
Size: Sample (4.5 Grams) , Small (9 Grams) , Medium (15 Grams) , Large (32 Grams) , Extra Large (64 Grams)
Aurelius - Acrylic
$ 30.00
Solid and sturdy, like the statue of Marcus Aurelius, and the Roman empire at its prime. Each Medwakh Pipe Comes with:1 Turbo Double Filter1 Cloth Carrying Case
Basic Cotton Filters
$ 4.00
These basic classic cotton medwakh tips may vary in brand from YR, to Top, to Turbo Tip Brands, but they will be the same style premium tip as pictured. Pack of 8.
Classic Shisha Booster
$ 21.99
Mix Nirvana Shisha Booster to your hookah bowl to amp up the buzz of any brand tobacco, while the taste is not affected in the least. Nirvana Shisha Booster allows those who prefer modern tobacco flavors to add a nice kick of nicotine for a relaxing buzz. You decide how much buzz you want to experience, with the safest and most natural tobacco additive yet. 45 Grams
Expedited Processing
$ 5.00
Every order on is made on the spot to your exact specifications. Many people think that when they order a bottle of dokha or shisha on we just pull it off the shelf and throw it in a box. This is simply not the case. Each and every order is hand made and a packaged up in house. So you can imagine how this process might take us a little bit of time to ensure you get the best possible order. However, sometimes this delay isn't favorable, and you need your dokha to get to you a bit faster, without paying for overnight shipping. That's where Expedited processing comes into play. If you order on Monday, sometimes it can take up to 2 days for your order to ship. But if you purchase expedited processing, your order, if placed before 4pm CST, will ship out the same day....
Starter Kit 9g Bottles
$ 25.49
The Medwakh 9g Starter Kit Includes: 1 Medwakh, 1 Pack of filters, 1 Carrying Case, 1 Bundle of Pipe Cleaners and up to two 9g bottles of dokha.