The Umber - Wood

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The Umber Medwakh features a strikingly interesting glossy wood grain with a few quality brass decorations on the rass. This is the best of both the classic and exotic, the Umber pipe is sure to treat you right for years to come.

Exactly what you would expect from a premium pipe bearing the name of a premium brand. The modern pipes are for those who want the absolute best of both the old school and new school worlds. We always tout classic pipes as the go-to pipes for everyday smokers, and this pipe fits nicely in between a classic and premium pipe.

Modern Pipes are inline-filter pipes where you unscrew the pipe and use a special filter inside the pipe! These filters allow for both a better quality of smoke and they last a lot longer than other pipe filter types for classic medwakh pipes.

Theses also accept Premium Filters onto the ends, so you can use it with both types of filters.


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