Grand Prize:  

One (1) Grand Prize: One premium camel bone pipe, one horn pipe, two chantas, one cleaning kit, 5 packs of premium filters, 5 packs of classic filters, premium cleaning tool, one pack of pipe cleaners, Nirvana hat, Nirvana shirt, Eclipse hat, Eclipse shirt, two $100 virtual gift cards to  Enter until October 17, 2021 winner chosen October 24, 2021.


Weekly Prizes (3):

Three (3) Weekly Prizes:  One Nirvana shirt, one Nirvana hat, one classic pipe, one premium metal pipe (orange),  3 packs of classic filters, 3 packs of premium filters, one cleaning kit and one $50 virtual gift certificate to  Winner chosen September 24, October 1 and October 8!


How to Enter:   Every $10 spent awards you 5 entries into the giveaway.  Orders over $150 receive an extra 100 entries.  You may enter without purchase through the mail and see the official rules for more information.