New government regulations have required us to install an age verification system on our site to ensure that each customer purchasing tobacco products online is indeed old enough to legally do so. We know it's a drag but it's the law and that's how it's gotta be. However, checking your identity is pretty quick and easy as it only requires your ID, which is the same thing required for you to buy from a smoke shop. The good news is that once you have been verified through this new process on your first purchase, you won't have to go through the verification process again on subsequent orders.

The process works as follows: Once you've placed your order, a window will come up and ask you to verify your age, you are asked to insert your First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth. On the next page you can choose to enter your last 4 digits of your SSN and verify yourself that way, or you can simply take a picture of your photo ID, as well as yourself holding the photo ID next to your face. You may only use your SSN if you are over the age of 27. If you are not, the system will ask you to verify with your photo ID.
With the picture of your ID and your Selfie holding your ID submitted, it can take less than 20 minutes to get your ID fully verified.  You will then receive an email when the process is completed. While verification is in progress, we will begin preparing your order so it is ready to ship as soon as verification is successfully completed.

Once you have done this simple process, we can verify who you are and that you are of age to legally purchase tobacco and won't have to hassle you about it anymore. Once you are verified, you will simply have to re-enter your name and date of birth on subsequent orders to checkout.

If you don't have a Social Security Number or don't want to use your Social Security number, you can use the photo ID method to quickly and easily checkout.

If you have any problems or questions, please email us at, or call us at +785-843-0313.