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15g Aluminum Bottle
$ 6.99
Want something a bit more stylish, sturdy, and more long-lasting than a normal medwakh dokha bottle? How about one that is made of aluminum? Free of any stickers or designs, so that you may add your own if you wish, these sleek stylish Chanta style Bottles are a good buy.
Classic Medwakh Pipe - Wood
$ 15.00
The classic economic medwakh that's both inexpensive and incredibly durable. Simple and unassuming, this pipe will treat you well for a long time to come. These pipes are a random dip, your classic medwakh may be shorter or longer, differently colored, or a different style than pictured. Generally, they are all pretty close, we won't send you something weird... unless you want us to. Each Medwakh Pipe Comes with:1 Turbo Double Filter1 Cloth Carrying Case
Classic Shisha Booster
$ 21.99
Mix Nirvana Shisha Booster to your hookah bowl to amp up the buzz of any brand tobacco, while the taste is not affected in the least. Nirvana Shisha Booster allows those who prefer modern tobacco flavors to add a nice kick of nicotine for a relaxing buzz. You decide how much buzz you want to experience, with the safest and most natural tobacco additive yet. 45 Grams
Complex Blends 2
$ 37.45
These blends define complexity in greater detail and will test your abilities to pickup on complex flavor combinations. Such enjoyable science. This Collection Contains the following 5 Blends: You select the size 3g, 9g, 15g Grey WizardWestmans weedAegean SpiceDune Dain's Sweet Galaenas Halo Man
Size: Five 4.5g Bottles , Five 9g Bottles , Five 15g Bottles
Kasir Rassak X Hot
$ 7.49
A Brain crushing buzz that is hard to find with other blends, strap in when you smoke this one. It's HOT!
Size: Sample (4.5 Grams) , Small (9 Grams) , Medium (15 Grams) , Large (32 Grams) , Extra Large (64 Grams)
Premium Silica Bead Filters
$ 5.00
These premium silica bead medwakh tips may vary in brand from YR, to Top, to Turbo Tip Brands, but they will be the same style premium tip as pictured. Pack of 6.
Smaugs Breath Hot
$ 7.49
Covet this dokha with you dragon lust for wild hot flavor.
Size: Sample (4.5 Grams) , Small (9 Grams) , Medium (15 Grams) , Large (32 Grams) , Extra Large (64 Grams)