Othmani Shisha

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Agean Spice 250g
$ 19.99
A dream come true for the traditional smoker, a rustic blend of the best tasting spices provides a unique experience.
Akkar Berry 250g
$ 19.99
A blend of bitter berries and the distinct undertone of rich tobacco.
Al Arab Grape Mint 250g
$ 19.99
A fresh and tasty grape mint, just like tradition demands.
Baklava 250g
$ 19.99
Sweeter than your grandmother baklava, but we wont tell her which one you like better.
Byblos Peach 250g
$ 19.99
A refreshingly ripe and tart peach flavor that will leave your mouth watering from smell alone.
Koura Fruit Mix 250g
$ 19.99
A legendary blend of the most incredibly tasty fruits. Truly a taste sensation that you must try.
Nabatieh Strawberry 250g
$ 19.99
Strawberry that tastes just like the ones fresh from the local farm, or the ones you grow yourself!
Star of Al Hamra 250g
$ 19.99
A fruit smoothie of one of the most diverse fruit blends from one of the premier local market destinations in the world.
Tigris Grape 250g
$ 19.99
This white grape sets the tone, a staple for any smoker that clings to tradition.
Turkish Coffee 250g
$ 19.99
Dark, Rich, and full of flavor, this Turkish coffee is extra stout just the way its meant to be.