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Let's face it, we have a lot of products to choose from! Sometimes the decision is hard, and another opinion can help you decide.

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We do some pretty neat stuff at, and we're always looking for the next big thing. Here's where you can see what we're up to now.

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Class is in session, hope you brought your supplies! No need for pencils here, grab your dokha, and get to class, don't be late!

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You're the big fish in the pond! Hunting for wholesale opportunities or just resupplying? We've got you covered in every department!

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We have retailers all over the country selling our dokha, so chances are you can beat shipping because someone's selling it close by.

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We have met some cool cats in our time, check out some of our favorite sites and places to waste our time online when we aren't filling orders.

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Tobacco in the News

Making Headlines

It's usually never positive, but tobacco sure makes the news an awful lot! Time to brush up on what's happening and how it affects you!

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WTF, Alice?

When we aren't making tobacco we get into some pretty neat stuff at, some of it's even downright weird! Here's your look at what we feed our heads.

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